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Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you!
Pericles (430 B.C.)

Attention Active Duty Military

Law Markers in Washington are going to cut your benefits, again! This is just one more example that the Government does not care for its service men and women, and is another example that the Federal Government doesn’t care that the United States will be left vulnerable and exposed to our enemies. With all of the drone activity and NSA spying on American’s, maybe Federal Law Makers feel that the American People are a threat to them? It’s time to ask yourself where your loyalty lays; the Federal Government, or the People of the United States of America? Judging by all of the “Welcome Home Hero” banners and parades that have been sponsored by the People, it’s pretty obvious that the People are proud of our military and supportive as well. Thank you for your service! But if you’re like the rest of the prior service ISL members, you probably feel that the Oath you swore at the start of your enlistment - to protect the US and the Constitution against all enemies - is just as important today as it was when you first enlisted.

Continue your service to your country by joining the ISL.
Save your Republic…
Calling all freedom loving Americans… The United States of America is under attack from within!

Socialist Liberals and Rino Republicans are on the verge of financially enslaving every man, woman, and child in America, and Conservative Republicans have lost their stomach to fight for your freedom. The time is growing closer when the People of the United States will be physically challenged for their last remaining Rights and Freedoms. Stand up, stand strong, and throw off the chains of slavery!

It’s time for the People of the United States to stand up and join together as one against the Marxist, Socialist policies of our Government. The unconstitutional actions of our elected officials have been exercised for far too long and it must end before it’s too late! Our phone calls and letters to our Representatives expressing our distaste for their actions are being ignored with total contempt! The voices and wishes of the People are being ignored! The voices of the People must be heard!

Do not let the death of our veterans be in vain! Do not allow the spirit of Freedom, which our Founding Fathers held so dear, be forgotten! Many of our elected officials have demonstrated time and time again that they do not trust our own military, and they don’t really care if our servicemen live or die. Too much American blood has been spilled for Marxist politics, European style Socialism, and Globalism. The wolf of Communism is already in the hen house, and America needs Sheepdogs!

Join the Indiana Sons of Liberty and be part of something bigger than your 9 to 5 job! Join and learn, before it’s too late!

Freedom through self-sufficiency... Join the ISL… Save your Republic… While there's still time!

Mission Statement
The mission of the ISL is to provide information, training, and basic organization to 'the People' to ensure a timely and effective response to community emergencies.

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