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Enlighten the people, generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like spirits at the dawn of day.
Thomas Jefferson

Who We Are...
The ISL is a community and county level militia, and our primary focus is on the defense and protection of you, your family, your community, your county, your State, and America, in that order. The goal of the ISL is to get as many Hoosiers trained and prepared for whatever emergency or disaster may occur. The ISL stresses community involvement and awareness at the local political level, as well as networking with your neighbors. The core belief of the ISL is that mutual support between the ISL and your local community is necessary to quickly and successfully mitigate any crisis which may arise.

The ISL stresses training, be it internally with the ISL or external with some other reputable organization. Members are encouraged to provide training to the other members of the ISL and to those in the community. Classes on security, long term food storage, marksmanship, communications, first aid, land navigation, etc. are all available to ISL members. And new training topics are being added all the time.

A large number of the ISL's membership is made up of ordinary members of the community; engineers, teachers, small business owners, factory workers, etc. With a large percentage of our membership active in various volunteer organizations and clubs; volunteer fire fighters, 9/12 and Tea Party groups, motorcycle clubs, veteran organizations, Red Cross, CERT, weather spotting, etc. And as you might imagine, a large percentage of the ISL's membership is comprised of prior service military who still honor the Oath they took when they first enlisted. But most importantly, ISL members are “Minutemen”, ready to respond to community emergencies at a moments notice.

Community is stressed in the ISL, because this is where our families and friends are, and it's where we can do the most good in the shortest amount of time. We don't play politics or push political or religious agendas in the ISL. Freedom and liberty is why we are here, and the protection of the Constitution and individual Rights is what we stand for.

Freedom through self-sufficiency and networking... Join the ISL!
Verizon Service Outages
The ISL have been following a developing situation regarding widespread cell phone service outages of Verizon wireless. It is not known what these outages are being caused by, but some believe that this could be a cyber attack.

Stay tuned for further information as we learn more.
Are you already on a watch list?
This website receives over 10,000 visits per month from concerned people, preppers, patriots, etc. Most of the visitors are not members of the ISL, but are interested enough to at least look at the website. Many are even repeat visitors. Unfortunately, because of a fear of being placed onto a Government “watch list”, these visitors are afraid to join a group such as the ISL. There are several counter arguments to this fear, the most obvious being that the ISL is NOT doing anything unlawful or illegal. One argument against the fear of joining is that you may already be on a Government watch list, so what difference does it make if you were to join the ISL?

It's no secret that the NSA has been babysitting everyone in this country for several years now. If you have a cell phone, an internet connection, or a new car, chances are the Government knows where you are. If the Government wants to find you and pick you up, it would only take a few keystrokes on a computer and they could narrow down your location within just a few minutes. If you have ever talked politics on the phone, or gone to a rifle range, or purchased a firearm, or posted something patriotic on FaceBook, or used a credit card to buy ammo, etc., then the Government already has you on a "list". The bigger question is where on that list is your name - is it close to the top, or nearer the bottom? If you own a firearm, chances are, you rank near the top of their list already!

Don't let your fears of being on a Government “watch list” scare you into not becoming an active member of the ISL. Government scare tactics are used to keep good people from doing the right thing, and it also keeps this country fragmented into smaller bite size pieces. The single biggest fear that the Government has is that the People of the Untied States wake up and realize that there are a lot more freedom loving American's in this country than there are Government forces that can take our Freedoms and Liberties. Once all of the Patriots of America understand that, and we all come together and speak as one voice, the sooner we can restore “...a Government for the people, by the People.”
Calling All Patriots
If you are one of the thousands of Patriots in Indiana that has become uninterested, disillusioned, or frustrated in your current group, or you are Ex-members of the ICVM, IMC, IVM, 3 Percenters, Patriot Guard, Cristian Liberty Guard, Watchmen, Sentinels, Oath Keepers, Ohio Vally Freedom Fighters, Indiana Home Guard, ISM, or the like, the ISL would like you to join forces with us ASAP! Also, if you have experience in the military, communications, or emergency services, your skills are in high demand.

Considering the direction that this country is headed, and at such a rapid pace, it's time for all of the fragmented pockets of Patriots to come together and form up as one.

The ISL is a NO DRAMA, NO BS group! Our focus is on family, team work, preparing, networking, coordinating, and cooperating with each other. Time is growing short!
Mission Statement
The mission of the ISL is to provide information, training, and basic organization to 'the People' to ensure a timely and effective response to community emergencies.
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