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Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress... But then I repeat myself.
Mark Twain

Attention American Veterans
The oath you took to defend America and the Constitution at the time of your enlistment did NOT end on your ETS date!! The nation you swore to protect is in danger, and is in need of its veterans to save her! The economy is severally depressed, unemployment is skyrocketing, inflation has more than doubled everyone's cost of living, and the Government is intruding on everyone's liberties! Your fellow Americans need your help, your knowledge and your leadership. America needs its veterans to stand up and serve this great nation again!

For several years now, the Government has demonstrated time and time again that they do not trust its own military. Military cuts and downsizing is putting our country at risk, and the Government acts like they don't even care if we live or die. Too much American blood has been spilled in the name of Fascist politics, European style Socialism, and Globalism. The ignorant voters of this country will likely continue to elect Communist bureaucrats so long as there's some racially charged reason, special provisions or free hand-outs. America needs Sheepdogs, not "Sheepeople"!

The People of the United States need your help in learning how to be self-sufficient again. They need their veterans to stand up and teach their families, their friends, and their fellow Americans what it truly means to be an American, and what true freedom really is. Itís time to come together with other like-minded veterans. Join the ISL and use the knowledge of your MOS and AFSC again to teach others, learn from other veterans, and help the People of the United States become free Americans again. Help spread the wealth of knowledge, and stop the Government from raping America anymore!

Freedom through self-sufficiency... Join the ISLÖ Save your RepublicÖ While there's still time!

Calling all freedom loving AmericansÖ
The United States of America is under attack from within!

Socialist Liberals and Rino Republicans are on the verge of financially enslaving every man, woman, and child in America, and Conservative Republicans have lost their stomach to fight for your freedom. The time is growing closer when the People of the United States will be physically challenged for their last remaining Rights and Freedoms. Stand up, stand strong, and throw off the chains of slavery!

Itís time for the People of the United States to stand up and join together as one against the Marxist, Socialist policies of our Government. The unconstitutional actions of our elected officials have been exercised for far too long and it must end before itís too late! Our phone calls and letters to our Representatives expressing our distaste for their actions are being ignored with total contempt! The wisdom of our Founding Fathers is being discarded like yesterdays trash by the current administration! The voice of the freedom must be heard again!

Do not let the death of our veterans over the past 230+ years be in vain! Do not allow the spirit of Freedom, which our Founding Fathers held so dear, be forgotten!

Join the Indiana Sons of Liberty and be part of something bigger than your 8 to 5 job! Join and learn, before itís too late!

Mission Statement
The mission of the ISL is to provide information, training, and basic organization to 'the People' to ensure a timely and effective response to community emergencies.

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